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"Working with Kendall Heaton has been life-changing and an absolute pleasure. With her assistance, the Therapeutic Meditation Process has helped me regain control over my outlook on life and has made my approach to self-care and regulation more meaningful and intentional. Kendall and the TMP empowered me with the tools I needed to reduce stress and restore balance to my mind, body and soul. As a result I am a much more mindful and supportive partner, parent and individual. I highly recommend her program to anyone ready to make radically impactful change to their life."

Candace W.

"Kendall is a natural leader, a wonderful listener, super responsive, and the queen of validation. What I appreciate most about Kendall is her ability to see me-all of me. She facilitates TMP in such a true to its definition holistic way that you can't help but to see yourself..even parts of you that you may not want to see. Not only does TMP provide the framework to help you identify areas you may want to improve, it also encourages you to give space for limiting beliefs that act as barriers. In a world that endorses suppression, it's so refreshing to follow a program that provides a healthy healing space for you to acknowledge it all.



"Kendall’s guidance is grounded in years of professional and personal experience. She is a knowledgeable  and compassionate space-holder. She has given me concrete tools that really work and are helping me to manage stress, sort out my priorities, and show up more fully for my kids. I highly recommend Kendall’s coaching to anyone looking to dive in deep and actualize their potential."

Allison S.

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I found Kendall through an online parenting group that I have been part of for over six years, and that I trust to my core. From the first conversation I had with Kendall, I felt not only seen and validated, but reassured that I am a good person and parent, and that the areas I wanted to work on could be calmly addressed and resolved. In the past four months, I have seen a radical shift in my parenting as well as in my relationships as a whole - no small task, given that we happen to be in an unusual global situation, though that was not a factor in my starting this process. Specifically - through TPM, I have become a more patient and confident mother, able to be more present and communicative with my two young children. I've become better able to navigate difficult conversations with my partner, and to tap into my own core beliefs in a way that has grounded me and also provided a framework for a lot of the discussions and experiences we are ALL processing right now. I would recommend working with Kendall to anyone, and put her program and the detailed support structure with which she has surrounded it. The resources she provides are thoughtful, thorough, and helpful, and she is a delight to work with.

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Jen W. 

I very highly recommend working with Kendall Heaton and doing her Mindfulness Parenting programs. Using her own life experiences, in combination with her exceptional professional training, Kendall has developed a fantastic system to help parents manage all the stresses of life that naturally increase when you enter parenthood. She uses a holistic approach, focusing not only on parenthood, but all life areas that can be potential triggers of stress, and for me, that resulted in my brain feeling simultaneously 10 years younger and 10 years wiser after just the first couple weeks of working with her. She is so knowledgeable, offering invaluable insight and action steps to create meaningful change, and I have seen a noticeable difference in the way I view my environment and handle stress. After just a few days in Kendall’s program, I started becoming more vigilant and aware of my thoughts, emotions and triggers, as well as how to attend to my needs in order to be my best self. I can not recommend her programs enough!

Melissa F. 


"Learning the TMP process with Kendall's guidance has been a much needed tool for me to get to know myself better and become more aware and in tune with my (daily) needs as well as (life) goals. It's really helped me to slow down and be more present and focused on my family. In turn, I've been able to model better behavior and habits for my girls. We've all been in a much happier, peaceful groove."


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"Kendall brings the kindness and tenderness you expect from a wellness coach, and combines it with the structure and tools needed to help you make the life changes needed and stay consistent."

Susana R.

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