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Our Terms & Conditions

By purchasing or subscribing to the Mindful Parenthood Journey Membership, you understand the following:


I, Kendall Heaton, am not a doctor nor counselor. I am your coach, and committed to your healing, desires and results. It is my responsibility as your coach to provide you with insight (shine the light on your blocks, beliefs, etc. ) and tools to help you understand and heal the underlying cause of your stress, anxiety, depression, pain or illness using mind body healing philosophy and all the keys of the program. This may mean we look at and discuss your past family/relationship history, traumas, career/business, money, spirituality, and more.


I look forward to supporting you to make the changes you desire so you can heal and live your passions and purpose with abundance & ultimate freedom. Sincerely, Kendall


As a CLIENT, you understand and agree to the following:


You take responsibility for your progress and outcomes while we work together. You understand it is ultimately up to you to use the program- do the self-work, guided practices, take inspired actions, and apply what you have learned each month.


You understand to never use the guided T.M.P practices while driving or to play them out loud while someone else is driving.


You understand that I, Kendall Heaton, am not a doctor or counselor or a substitute for western medical treatment (surgery, medication, etc.), and that I do not prescribe or advise on medications.


You understand that healing depression, anxiety, pain or other illness cannot be guaranteed to happen in a certain amount of time or even completely. You understand you have your own path and that your progress or shifts are ultimately up to you and your “Something Bigger” .


You agree to do the recommended lessons & written work, listen to a guided T.M.P. practice daily, PLUS use the other tools during the program.

CANCELLATION/NO SHOW for 1:1 Sessions: 48–HOUR NOTICE is requested to change your session date/time. I honor and respect our time together and will do my best to honor this policy as well. I do understand that sometimes emergencies and illness arise (on both our parts). Please email or text me at 415.596.7416 if you need to change your appointment as soon as possible.

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