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What I Offer:

Coaching Support

I would be honored to provide you with one-on-one coaching support on your journey to balanced living, mindful parenting, and creating the life you dream of for yourself and your family. My coaching approach is grounded in mindfulness philosophy- cultivating awareness, acceptance and agency for yourself, your life and your family. Before we meet, I’ll learn the details of your symptoms- physical and/or emotional, any life breakdowns (health, family, money, relationships, career, etc.), and past history in the questionnaire you’ll fill out and email me before our session.

I will support you as you reflect on your desires and intentions across 10 areas of your life – self-connection; health; spirituality; romantic partnership; family and parenting; home and household management; social and community; fun, passion and play; purpose and career; and money and material. Then provide you with coaching support, guided meditations, and tools to support you to move toward your desires with ease in divine time.

During our 60 minute phone session you’ll receive guidance, tools, and recommendations to support you on your healing and parenting journey. You’ll receive a recording of our session, an email with your “Inspired Actions”, and guided therapeutic meditation practices to support your process. If you are interested in personal coaching, personalized guided meditation, as well as mindful parenting strategies and support, I have a few limited spaces available at this time. Book a free discovery session to learn more and see if we would be a good fit. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Group Programs

I also provide group coaching programs for parents and parents-to-be. Check out my upcoming 6-part virtual group program, Mindful Living and Stress Management for Parents and Parents-to-be: Introduction to the Therapeutic Meditation Process (TMP), beginning January 15th, 2020.

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Parenting and preparing for parenthood

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