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As a parent, you hold a lot of space for others.
We are here to hold space for YOU!

Before having a kid, most parents have 40+ hours of classes preparing them for childbirth and about 1.5 hours on how to keep a newborn baby alive.

No one really sits down and prepares you to understand what becoming a parent and entering “parenthood” will look like, feel like, and mean for you and your life.

Parenthood (i.e., being a human adult raising children) can feel like you have a million balls in the air- balancing all you and your partner have to juggle- meal prep, laundry, packing lunches, cleaning and picking up the house, appointments, work, date nights… not to mention connecting with and actually raising these little people.

We love our kiddos with our whole hearts, and still— at different parts of our parenthood journey it can feel straight up overwhelming, exhausting, lonely and non-stop!

I am here to let you know that it can look and feel differently— there can be more ease, joy, and spaciousness in your days, in your body, and in your life.

When I meet parents for the first time, they usually report that they feel stressed to the max, spread too thin, quick to anger and frustration, tapped out, depleted and a bit resentful.

They share with me that this is not what they thought parenthood or being a parent would look like and feel like. On top of feeling exhausted and worn out, many also have an additional layer of guilt, shame and self-doubt about their parenting and who they are at this stage of their lives.

After leaning into the Mindful Parenthood Journey Membership for a few months, using the research-based and time effective tools, connecting with other like-minded parents, and getting personalized support they quickly notice things start to lighten and lift for them.

They’ve shared that it’s like there is a newfound buffer around them— that things just feel easier and less of a burden. They learn to listen to themselves and their “messengers”, give themselves what they need to be in balance, and life just somehow feels easier.

They find they are able to respond to life’s challenges (kids, work, partner) with more intention and ease. They feel like they are more in their body, able to proactively decide how they want to be using their time and energy instead of constantly being in reaction mode.

I have seen it with dozens of clients and MPJ members and I know this can be true for you as well.


Mary C., parent of 3

Working with Kendall through the Stress Relief for Parents 8-week Program and then the Mindful Parenting Journey Membership has been life-changing. I'm a mom to 3 littles, I work full time, and I needed some tools to help with the stress, overwhelm and tiredness -- from this life stage of working motherhood and also from life in general in our culture. The TMP guided meditations, the group support, and Kendall's insightful and empathic support have all provided me with 1) more balance and ease in my life, 2) a better understanding of mind-body connections and 3) more energy and purpose for taking inspired actions (and so much more!). I cannot recommend her groups and guided meditations enough!!!!

Mindful Parenthood Journey Membership

This is exactly why I created the Mindful Parenthood Journey (MPJ) Membership.

I am passionate about supporting parents in deepening their understanding and acceptance of who and how they are, learning and practicing research-based tools to feel less stressed, more balanced, and better able to show up as the people and parents they want to be.


The Mindful Parenthood Journey Membership is an ongoing membership for parents and caregivers of all gender-identities, family configurations, at every stage of their parenthood journey. 


The MPJ Membership includes:

  1. Exploration of a new life area topic each month (more details below), including a monthly audio lesson and handouts,

  2. Live virtual group sessions every month, 

  3. Guided Therapeutic Meditations designed for each topic, 

  4. Exclusive monthly Guest Expert presentations, 

  5. Access to a private, curated MPJ Facebook Community, 

  6. Connection to other incredible, like-minded parents at all stages of their parenthood journey,

  7. Access to a personal Membership site, 

  8. Monthly motivational emails, and

  9. Member discounts for 1:1 Coaching Sessions and personalized recorded TMP meditations.

MPJ Membership Visual.png

Melissa F., parent of 2

The Mindful Parenthood Journey program has been an invaluable tool for helping me navigate life stressors and feel supported through difficult situations that naturally arise in life. The comforting support comes from other members who are like-minded, yet diverse individuals, who create a collective wisdom from all perspectives…it’s all guided and curated by the amazing Kendall Heaton via monthly virtual meetings and daily social media conversations. Each month the focus is on a different life topic, and the insights and deep thoughts from members are shared in a safe, welcoming, completely non-judgmental space. I deeply value this program and would recommend it to anyone who needs support, guidance, or just simple camaraderie in the quest for a fulfilling, grounded parenting/life journey.

We are not meant to do this alone.

You may be thinking…

I should be able to figure this out on my own.

I don’t have the time.

Is it worth the investment?

Who exactly is at this MPJ party, anyway?

Let me tell you… 

I should be able to figure this out on my own. → It is an unrealistic (and stress-inducing) myth that we should be able to figure out and “handle” all that comes with parenting and parenthood on our own. We are social mammals and are not meant to do this on our own. Nothing is wrong with you and you are not a failure if you are having a hard time figuring things out and/or catching your breath as a parent. In MPJ you will find a supportive, non-judgmental community of parents doing their best and figuring things out as we go. You are not in this alone. 

I don’t have the time. You don’t not have the time. Wait, double negative. haha… First of all, the MPJ membership is designed to be like a support net— here for you to lean into and out of as much and as little as you need. You will find multiple ways to access support— you can lean into all of them, or just a few. And that can change month to month! We know we are supporting busy parents, so nothing is framed as another “to-do.” We are here for you, pressure-free. I have also designed the membership and all of our research-based tools with busy parents in mind (i.e., how to get the biggest impact for our efforts/time). Parents that have leaned into the monthly group sessions, using the tools and meditations, and giving and receiving support via the private FB group report getting more time and energy back. I’m all about the ROI (return-on-investment) for our members!

Is it worth the investment? I repeat, I am *all about* the return-on-investment (ROI) for our members! I know it can feel hard to invest time and money for ourselves as parents. MPJ members report feeling a sense of relief, more confidence in themselves and their parenting, and an overall improved sense of well-being in life within months of joining the membership. Investing the time, money and energy into tending to you, letting yourself be held and supported, and properly filling your cup allows you to show up more fully as the person and parent you want to be. Which is invaluable! 

Who exactly is at this MPJ party, anyway? Is this crew for me? Will I feel safe and comfortable sharing and receiving support? Great questions! Yes, it is super important that you have an understanding of who’s at the MPJ party and what we are all about to make sure it would be a good fit. A few of our guiding principles:

  • Parents and caregivers of all gender-identities, family configurations, and stages of parenthood are welcomed and honored in MPJ.

  • We celebrate and support neurodiversity of all types in both our parents and their kiddos. 

  • The experiences of Black, Brown, Indigenous and People of Color (BBIPOC) are welcomed, honored and centered in the Mindful Parenthood Journey. 

In MPJ we have a super diverse group of folks. What brings us together is a common bond of wanting to learn more about ourselves, deepen our level of acceptance of who we are and what we need, and solidarity on this journey of stepping further into the people and parents we want to be in this lifetime. 


Stepping into the Mindful Parenthood Journey Membership, you are stepping into a space where you can feel free to get curious about yourself, learn about yourself, grow and evolve with unconditional support and acceptance.

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Curious to see if the Mindful Parenthood Journey Membership is right for you?

Get a sneak peek into what we're all about:


Who Am I Anyway?

I’m Kendall Heaton, MSW, Mindful Life Coach for Parents.

I am a mama of two amazing kiddos, ages 6 and 3, and raising a wonderfully neurodiverse family. I have a background in child development, early childhood education and elementary education, social work, and equity-driven systems change. My ultimate passion is supporting communities, families and parents to support the well-being of all kids. 

Early in my parenting journey I found there were many, many places and spaces telling and teaching you how to “parent”, and way less places and spaces available to gently support parents to learn about themselves, their needs, and their preferred regulation strategies to help them stay connected to themselves and grounded throughout their parenthood journey. After wishing for too long that such a space existed, I decided to create it myself. I can’t wait for you to jump in and join us for the ride! 

Add a heading(1).png


Reflect and Release 2020 +

Plan and Prioritize for 2021!


Emotional Needs (Part 1)

Self-worth, Love, and Connection


Emotional Needs (Part 2)

Standing in Integrity with Yourself:

Truth, Power, & Boundaries



Self and Something Bigger



Physical Needs

Connecting with and Nurturing your Body


Life Balance & Managing Systems

(time, self, household, etc.)


Integration Month!

Fun, Passion, Play


Family & Parenting






Mindful Partnership(s)

Purpose & Career

Social & Community

Reflect & Refresh

Registration Details:

Enrollment is currently OPEN for the Mindful Parenthood Journey.

Upon registering, you will receive a Welcome Email providing you:
  1. Access to your private membership site,

  2. Instructions for joining the private FB group,

  3. Link to your personal Intake Questionnaire, and

  4. Instructions to register for your LIVE Mindful Parenthood Journey Membership Orientation hour.

You can jump into the membership crew at any point throughout the month of September (note that September is gifted to you free of charge, so the sooner you join, the more free goodness you’ll receive;). 

How does it work?

At the beginning of each month you receive an email with links to the month’s topic and materials (lesson, handouts, guided TMP meditation). Throughout the month, you are guided through reflection and sharing in the private FB group. Mid-month we host a monthly Guest Expert presentation. And we culminate the month with our monthly live group session (via zoom). We offer two MPJ group sessions a month— usually the last Tuesday of the month (10-11:30am PDT) and the last Wednesday of the month (8-9:30pm PDT). Group sessions are recorded and replays are available to watch if/when you aren’t able to join us live.

Membership Options.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 9_47_edited_jp.webp

Candace W., parent of 1

Working with Kendall Heaton has been life-changing and an absolute pleasure. With her assistance, the Therapeutic Meditation Process has helped me regain control over my outlook on life and has made my approach to self-care and regulation more meaningful and intentional. Kendall and the TMP empowered me with the tools I needed to reduce stress and restore balance to my mind, body and soul. As a result I am a much more mindful and supportive partner, parent and individual. I highly recommend her program to anyone ready to make radically impactful change to their life.


Natalie E., parent of 2

I’m so thankful for Kendall’s Mindful Parenthood Journey Membership. I’ve been a member for almost two years and love the community she has created. The monthly topics resonate so strongly and I love hearing the other members’ perspectives in the monthly group sessions and in the private Facebook group. While the members are scattered all over the country, they feel like close friends. Kendall is a talented and thoughtful facilitator and I look forward to downloading the new meditation each month.


LaKeasha, parent of 1

Kendall is a natural leader, a wonderful listener, super responsive, and the queen of validation. What I appreciate most about Kendall is her ability to see me-all of me. She facilitates TMP in such a true to its definition holistic way that you can't help but to see yourself..even parts of you that you may not want to see. Not only does TMP provide the framework to help you identify areas you may want to improve, it also encourages you to give space for limiting beliefs that act as barriers. In a world that endorses suppression, it's so refreshing to follow a program that provides a healthy healing space for you to acknowledge it all.



Remember… when you sign up for 6 months of the membership, you receive 1 month FREE! Sign up for 1 year and receive 2 MONTHS FREE.

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