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Stress Less 5-Day Reset

Stress relief made easy for the busiest of parents.

Monday, 2/22 - Friday, 2/26 


Join me -- Kendall Heaton, MSW and Mindful Life Coach for Parents -- for this FREE 5-day Reset to go from feeling tired, wired, and fried to feeling more grounded, calm, and capable in as little 10 minutes a day! 

The Stress Less 5-day Reset is designed with the busiest of parents in mind. You can do everything on your own time from the comfort of your home, with additional support available to you from me in the Facebook group and via email.

During the Reset, I will introduce bite-size elements of the Therapeutic Meditation and Mindfulness Process (TMMP) and a few easy-to-use, research-based stress relief tools and techniques that will get you less stressed NOW.

How Does the Reset Work?

When you register you will receive access to your:

  1. Stress Less Workbook where you will find the tools, daily prompts, and overview that you’ll use throughout the reset; 

  2. Guided Therapeutic Meditations- research-based meditations designed to decrease stress, anxiety and overwhelm; and 

  3. Link to the Mindful Parenthood Community FB group where you’ll receive coaching, support and motivation from me on the daily, as well as an opportunity to connect with other like-minded parents ready to shed their stress. 

Mother and Daughter Meditating

You’ll be guided daily to use a few simple, but research-based and effective strategies for relieving stress.

What have past participants experienced with the Stress Less 5-Day Reset? 

Former participants reported feeling less stressed, less overwhelmed, more at ease, and having a clearer mind at the end of the 5-day Reset. 

Happy Family

“I felt the stress and tension literally melting away."

“I’m not as short-tempered with my kids, even with all the external stressors currently taking place."

“I’m sleeping so well falling asleep to the nighttime sleep meditation!”

“I noticed I’m more able to focus on my breathing when I start to feel myself getting overly stressed, instead of yelling at my kids."

“I woke up this morning feeling the most calm I have felt in weeks. Your meditations have helped me so much! I am focusing on the things I can control and letting go of the things that I can’t."


Hi! I'm Kendall Heaton, MSW


I'm a social worker and Mindful Life Coach for Parents, as well as mama to two amazing young daughters. I struggled with chronic anxiety for years before finding the Therapeutic Mindfulness and Meditation Process (TMMP) in 2012. I had spent decades trying every modality possible to bring down my stress and anxiety with little or limited success. Within months of using the TMMP tools and process, my anxiety went from a 9/10 (10 being the highest) down to a 0/1 and has stayed there for the past 9 years. As a social worker, I became TMMP certified and have adapted the tools and strategies for the busiest of parents to get quick and lasting relief from their stress. I love supporting parents and expectant parents to navigate the ups and downs of their parenthood journeys with mindfulness, acceptance, support, and ease. I'm so glad you are joining us on this journey! You can find out more about me at

Disclaimer: The information, materials, and attachments contained herein are designed for educational purposes only and may not be reproduced in any manner or format without specific written permission from Kendall Heaton. This information is not designed or intended to provide guarantees of any kind nor to be considered medical advice, medical diagnosis, or medical treatment. Kendall Heaton shall not be responsible or liable for any medical, financial, or other claims inferred from these materials. You are solely responsible for continuing with your own medical treatment and care. Any statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results are affected by a number of factors over which we have no control. Where specific examples are quoted from individuals there is no guarantee implied or otherwise that you will do as well. In the event that you use the information for your own health, you are prescribing for yourself which is your constitutional right and for which the author and publisher of this program assume no responsibility. The information is provided for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace or substitute for conventional medical care, or encourage its abandonment.

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