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Helping parents shed the stress and step into the people & parents they want to be
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I would be honored to work with you and serve as your coach and guide as you make the transformations you want for yourself, your family and your life.

Where do you want to experience a shift?

Worry and self doubt

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Increase trust, confidence and ease

Fatigue and trouble falling or staying asleep

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Deeper and more restful sleep

Frustration, impatience and

quick to snap at your kids

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Increased levels of patience and flexibility

Mom-guilt, not good enough or doing enough

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Self assurance, confidence, self trust, and intuition

Sense of loneliness or isolation

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Deeper connection with yourself and those you love-- children, partners, family and friends

Spinning wheels, exhaustion, and fatigue

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Increased clarity, intentionality, balance, and overall well-being

Trouble saying no and/or setting boundaries

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Setting and holding clear and consistent boundaries respectfully, calmly and with ease

Stress, anxiety, depression and overwhelmed

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More balance, calm and peace

Disconnection from your physical and

emotional needs

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Increased self awareness and self-care

Physical pain, discomfort or illness

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Increased health and well-being

A hectic and overly-packed schedule

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A calendar that reflects your priorities and values

Triggers and reactivity from past traumas, childhood hurts, or attachment wounds

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Heal, release and reparent yourself from past trauma and wounds

What People Say

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"Working with Kendall Heaton has been life-changing and an absolute pleasure. With her assistance, the Therapeutic Meditation Process has helped me regain control over my outlook on life and has made my approach to self-care and regulation more meaningful and intentional. Kendall and the TMP empowered me with the tools I needed to reduce stress and restore balance to my mind, body and soul. As a result I am a much more mindful and supportive partner, parent and individual. I highly recommend her program to anyone ready to make radically impactful change to their life."

Candace W.

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Parenting and preparing for parenthood

can feel overwhelming, nonstop, and exhausting at times.

This program is here to help!

Learn more about the TMP Benefits for Parents & Caregivers, and Parents-to-be here

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